Shiraz Rise at Pearsall

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Between Hills and Sea

The suburb of Pearsall gets its name from an early pioneer of Wanneroo, Mr WC (Charlie) Pearsall. Charlie was associated with the Wanneroo School back in 1919.

In the late 1920s he introduced film shows to the Wanneroo area being shown in the local hall.

The first Service Station in Wanneroo and situated on Wanneroo Road in the vicinity of the existing BP was established by Charlie Pearsall and all locals knew it as “Pearsall’s Garage”.

The City of Wanneroo adopted the name officially in 1995.

Wine Notes

Shiraz is the most widely planted grape in Australia representing 40% of total red grape crush and 20% of its wine production. It is Australia’s favourite wine domestically and internationally. Until the mid 1900’s, Shiraz was grown purely for fortified wine production but since then has gained fame in its own right as a sought after wine. The grape can flourish in a range of climates and wine can be produced in a range of styles defined by the region and the artistry of the winemaker. It can be crafted into wines suitable for immediate consumption; however its real character is seen with wines of longevity.

Port is a sweet fortified wine which was originally produced from grapes grown and processed in the Duoro region of Portugal. This wine is fortified with the addition of distilled grapes in order to boost the alcohol content and stop fermentation, thus preserving some of the natural grape sugars. Several imitations are made throughout the world.

The Classic Dry White is synonymous with the blending of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, and showcases the intense fruity flavours of these two varieties. The classic dry white is essentially an ‘unoaked’ wine, however, since 2000 a small portion of French oak fermented Semillon has been blended to further increase complexity and length of flavour. The wine is fresh and vibrant and well-suited to the Mediterranean climate and food culture found in Australia.

Wine Maker Profile
John Matta studied winemaking at Alba. John believes the wines of Tuscany should be rated among the best in the world. He wants the wines to represent Tuscany and when people drink them he wants them to think of Tuscany. John blends small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon in two of his wines, but he insists that he would never want to make a Cabernet-dominated wine.

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