Your little bit of Paradise...

Nestled between picturesque hills and Perth's sweeping coastline, Eden is truly a slice of paradise. The rich fertile land, (the site of bounteous market gardens in decades past), gives rise to a majestic array of flora,

True to the distinctive heritage of the area, the streets are named in Italian after various fruit. You might choose to reside in Mela (Apple) Way. Or perhaps a lot on Limetta (Lime) Grove will be your preference.

As a well-developed area, the list of amenities is extensive, ranging from the ideally located Kingsway Shopping Centre, the magnificent Kingsway Regional sporting complex, the nearby Kingsway Christian College and Perth's superb expanse of beaches, entertainment and shopping facilities, at the coastal Hillary's Marina.

Eden truly offers the best of both worlds, where you can access all the commercial and recreational services you need with a matter of ease, then retreat back to the peaceful sanctuary of your Eden oasis.

Your Own Rose Gala Tree

Each lot will receive a Rose Gala apple tree, planted to deliver delicious apples in the years to come.

The first Gala apple tree was one of many seedlings resulting from a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kidd's Orange Red planted in New Zealand in the 1930s by orchardist J H Kidd.

Gala apples are very resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor. Gala apples are firm, crisp, sweet and aromatic, and can be added to salads or cooked, and are especially suitable for creating sauces.


  • Spacious Lots with generous frontage
  • Major local shopping precincts
  • Wide selection of educational institutions
  • Excellent transport services located 16.5km from the city
  • Extensive sporting facilities including Kingsway Sporting Complex

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1 Mela Way 285,000 380 ON HOLD   Contact
2 Mela Way 315,000 420     Contact
3 Mela Way 325,000 420     Contact
4 Mela Way 305,000 400 ON HOLD   Contact
5 Mela Way 305,000 400     Contact
6 Mela Way 325,000 420     Contact
7 Mela Way 325,000 420     Contact
8 Mela Way 295,000 400     Contact
10 Mela Way 350,000 615 ON HOLD   Contact
11 Mela Way 450,000 701     Contact
12 Mela Way 335,000 465     Contact
13 Mela Way 335,000 431     Contact
14 Anguria View 345,000 454     Contact
15 Anguria View 350,000 479     Contact
16 Anguria View 345,000 450     Contact
17 Anguria View 385,000 609     Contact
18 Anguria View 385,000 631     Contact
19 Anguria View 345,000 450     Contact
20 Anguria View 345,000 451     Contact
21 Anguria View 375,000 514     Contact
22 Anguria View 375,000 510 SOLD   Contact
23 Anguria View 355,000 500     Contact
24 Mela Way 345,000 508 UNDER OFFER   Contact
25 Mela Way 345,000 517 UNDER OFFER   Contact